The Skeptical Gamers

Bringing critical thinking to Gen Con Indy

Who We Are

The Current Roster

Don Riefler

Former professional slacker turned professional workaholic. Reader of many books and player of many video games. Possesses BAs in Philosophy (Purdue University 2006) and Anthropology (Purdue University 2010) and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Museum Studies (IUPUI 2012). Gave a speech at The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 in 2009 titled “Teaching Critical Thinking in a Therapeutic Setting.” Supreme Speaker Conjurer for Skepchicamp Chicago 2010.

Sean Bennett

Resident Linux fiend. Somewhat obsessed with Assassin’s Creed. Pursuing a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics at Purdue University. Interested specifically in the intersection of abstract algebra and programming languages. Spends leisure time reading books and papers on math and programming. Believes in God but only because he believes himself to be God. Is known to dress like a Time Lord.

Rob Wolf (formerly Rob Gilham-Westerman)

Official ninja, and he’s got the black belt to prove it. Spent time living in Japan. Possesses Engineering and Mathematics degrees from Purdue University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in math in Kentucky. Took his wife’s name when they married in order to lose that damn hyphen. Major contributor to the Unifed Theory of Meatbaggery. Enjoys subverting the dominant paradigm.

Tom Foss

Former professional student made good. Science teacher in Illinois.  Understands quantum mechanics better than any other non-physicist you are likely to meet. Famous for long, detailed, but incisive anti-woo comments on other peoples’ blogs. Giant comic book fiend. Spent Gen Con 2008 buying up every Dr. Who action figure in sight. Possesses a grand and invigorating guffaw which can be triggered by small doses of Patton Oswalt. Unhealthily fixated on Kermit the Frog and Superman.

Jon Maxson

Despite being a frequent critic of the role of irrational thinking in our culture, Jon refuses to eat Chipotle the day of a Syracuse Orange basketball game, and listened to the same three Elvis Costello songs every morning during the Chicago Cubs’ 2003 playoff run (including the day they blew it).

There is ample reason to be skeptical of Jon Maxson’s very existence. While he was a scheduled member of last year’s SG panel, he either took part from a plane of existence not visible to the human eye, or he wasn’t there at all. While believers are convinced they have seen him in central Illinois and the greater Chicago area, and claim his cynical mocking can be heard where awful horror movies are being shown, these stories are corroborated only through blurry photos, and unsubstantiated video footage. Nevertheless, this could be the year that contact is finally made.

Hilary Mark Nelson

The resident old dude. Once lived in San Francisco and studied the occult under a real, official witch. His perpetual smile hides a bit of a sadistic streak. Fond of building things with his hands and tying knots, though he claims not to be into bondage. Accidentally won the hall costume contest at Gen Con 2010 thanks to his amazing Doc Ock costume. Will likely reprise it in 2011.

Sara Head

Jen Myers

Jen Myers is a skeptic blogger and activist who writes regularly at and organizes the skeptic group Central Ohioans for Rational Inquiry in Columbus, Ohio as well as the annual SkeptiCamp Ohio conference. She spends way too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

Elyse MoFo Anders

Executive Director of the Women Thinking Free Foundation and Skepchick extraordinaire, Elyse’s life goal is simple: to save the motherfucking world.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Colin Thornton

Tristan Zimmerman

William Brinkman

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