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What We Still Need

Here are are few things we still need, or would still like, listed in order of importance.

Volunteers to help out at the fundraiser booth

This is a big one. Part of the agreement with Gen Con is that the booth is manned (or womanned) from the opening of the exhibit hall to its close every day of the convention. The handful of us that are participating at the moment can’t possibly do it ourselves. We all have talks to deliver at one point or another, and either myself or Magus has to at least attend the beginning and end of every talk to get the projector and video camera set up. We also have to eat, and at some point we’d all like to explore and enjoy the convention itself.

Having a few more volunteers on hand to help run the fundraiser booth would help out a lot, and we could organize a rotating schedule so nobody has to spend too much time there and miss the rest of the con. Having some awesome skill or talent you can trade for donations is a plus, but hardly necessary. If you’re interested in helping us raise money and awareness for vaccination in Indiana, either comment here, stop by this volunteer thread in the planning forum, leave a comment at Gen Con Skeptics, use the Contact Form at Gen Con Skeptics, or just plain e-mail me at my personal e-mail, causticbox[at]gmail[dot]com. We would greatly appreciate your help, and so will the kids whose lives will be immeasurably improved by our little bit of work.


Speaking of attracting bigger and better things each year, we need publicity this year if we really want people to notice us. I already have a few awesome folks plugging us in the coming week and hope to get some more soon, but if you have any contacts in world of skepticism (online, meatspace, or somewhere else), please don’t hesitate to drop them a line and let me know. We want to be big, people, big!

A/V help

This one would be nice but isn’t too big a deal. I can likely take care of all the A/V issues myself if I have to; it would just be a whole hell of a lot easier if I had some help. So if you have a video camera or you just know how to use one and wouldn’t mind doing setup and teardown before and after events, please let me know.

Anything else you can think of

Seriously. If you want to help but in a capacity that I haven’t thought of, I’m open-minded. Drop me a line and we’ll get you involved!

So if you’re going to be at Gen Con and wouldn’t mind helping out (or if you want to come to Gen Con in order to help us out and have an awesome time), please either leave a comment here, use the Contact Form, or just e-mail me at causticbox[at]gmail[dot]com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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