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Bad News

Posted by Adversarial Writer #2 on May 16, 2012

So…Unfortunately we are cancelling all of our events. The Skeptical Gamers will not have a presence at Gen Con 2012. This is because I took a job in Spokane, Washington and can’t possibly make it back in time and Tom isn’t comfortably trying to run all the events on his own when he doesn’t even live in Indy. So maybe next year. Right now I’m looking at porting over some of my presentations to Spocon, Spokane’s local fantasy/sci-fi convention that happens the week before Gen Con, so if you’re in the inland northwest you might see me there.

Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to another year of awesomeness from us. I suppose, though, sometimes shit happens. Hopefully we’ll see you in 2013!

7 Responses to “Bad News”

  1. Whew! When I noticed there weren’t any events available, I was worried someone had pressured you guys not to come back. Will miss you, hope to see your events again next year.

    • Don said

      No, ma’am, no pressure at all. Well, not that kind at least. Just economic pressure. It’s a damn shame, too. We had a lot of awesome new stuff planned for this year.

  2. ellindsey said

    I noticed today that there are two Skeptical Gamer events back on the schedule. Did you find someone to fill in?

    • Don said

      If my guess is correct, those are our two archaeology events moderated by Sara Head. She knew she was definitely going to be at Gen Con so I asked her to register her events separately.

  3. nolandda said

    Ugh… Today GenCon sent me their newsletter announcing that “The Dice Witch” had won a Marketing Fellowship for “companies that embody the spirit of entrepreneurship”. What wonderful entrepreneurial products does this fine company offer you ask? Well:
    * Cleansing Kits wipe out the bad mojo your randomizers have collected and get you back to rolling critical hits.
    * Charging Stones are a RockStar Energy Drink for your dice, minis, meeples, or even you, providing quick boosts of strength, protection, and awareness.
    Obviously some skepticism is needed at GenCon.

    • Don said

      We wholeheartedly agree, but will again be unable to provide this year. It sucks; the years we’ve done it in the past were a bunch of fun but life, unfortunately, got in the way.

      • Would it be out of line for me to advertise this year for people willing to participate in a skeptical track next year? I thought about doing a little spiel at the end of my talks this year and seeing if anyone wants to start building a full slate. I’d like to use The Skeptical Gamers name, but only if it’s ok with you.

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