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Events Finalized! Volunteers Needed!

Posted by Adversarial Writer #2 on March 20, 2010

Hey, everyone! Last week was the deadline for event submission to Gen Con, so the list on the Event Schedule is final. Unfortunately, though we would like nothing better, we can’t take any more submissions for talks, panels, workshops, etc. As soon as Gen Con gets all their ducks in a row, I’ll have rooms and locations listed for all of the events.

What we can take more of, however, is volunteers. Got a skill? Want to put it to work for the future of skepticism at Gen Con? We’ll take it! We still need people to help run the vaccine booth, and want people with any secret talent or ability that we might be able to barter with the many dorks, geeks, and nerds at Gen Con for donations to the Indiana Immunization Coalition!

For example, I was just contacted by Greg Fish, who offered (too late) to give a presentation, but also to be our official photographer and is going to barter IT advice for donations. In an exhibit hall full of people with various electronic devices, who knows when someone might need some laptop help? IT advice? We’ll take it!

So whatever your talent, whatever your contribution, bring it on!

4 Responses to “Events Finalized! Volunteers Needed!”

  1. Chas Swedberg said

    I’ll be there all 4 days and will be glad to help out. Special skills? I’m not sure I have any of value except that skepticism and gaming intersects my interests. But I can man a booth. Let me know

    Excited to see some skepticism come to Gencon

    • Don said

      Absolutely. I’ll drop you an e-mail soon with some more details. Oh, and special skills needn’t be that special. One of our volunteers is giving out IT advice.

      See you at Gen Con!

  2. Ted Stanulis said

    I will be there all 4 days and would love to help out your most noble cause.

    I have fairly decent IT skills and can, of course, man a booth…..

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