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Vaccine Fundraiser Details

Posted by Adversarial Writer #2 on February 21, 2010

So, as it happens, I spent some time on the phone with Gen Con’s marketing head this past Thursday, and she really does love the idea of our fundraiser for the Indiana Immunization Coalition. Gen Con loves the idea so much, in fact, that they’ve given us a free 10×10 booth, which costs for-profit operations about $1000. How cool is that?

Our booth will be located in the exhibit hall inside Gen Con’s Family Fun Pavilion, a perfect place to spread awareness of childhood vaccination. It’s on the corner of two main drags, and apparently situation very close by two of the biggest vendors in the hall, which should add to our traffic significantly. We’ll be there all through the con handing out pamphlets and educational materials for the IIC and immunization in general as well as collecting donations.

Our basic plan is to have a “Magic Menu” which suggests different amounts to be donated in exchange for simple feats of magic and mentalism performed by myself and Sean (we need to learn a lot more tricks before August 5). Of course, we’ll accept donations without magic, and we’ll perform for any amount of money, but it’s nice to have a general baseline.

Part of the deal with Gen Con is that we have people manning the booth at all times, from open to close in the exhibit hall. To that end, we’re looking for some more volunteers who want to help raise money for childhood immunization. We few can’t possibly run the booth the whole time; apart from having our own presentations to give and meals to eat, we would like to have some time to explore and enjoy the convention as well. If we get some more booth volunteers, we can work out a rotating schedule that affords everyone plenty of time to have fun and help raise money for the IIC.

So if you’re going to be at Gen Con and wouldn’t mind helping out (or if you want to come to Gen Con in order to help us out and have an awesome time), please either leave a comment here, use the Contact Form, or just e-mail me at causticbox[at]gmail[dot]com. If you have other talents to contribute, please check out What We Still Need to see if you can fit yourself in somewhere.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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