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Vaccine Drive Update

Posted by Adversarial Writer #2 on February 12, 2010

I spent half-an-hour on the phone today with the director of the Indiana Immunization Coalition, and we have banged out a preliminary plan to help change the face of vaccination in the state of Indiana.

See, Indiana is 44th in the nation in childhood vaccination rates, but that’s not, apparently due to lack of money, as was the case in Nevada at The Amaz!ng Meeting 7. No, the state Department of Health is rolling in dough to pay for kids’ vaccines as a public health measure, but our abysmal rates are due rather to misinformation and miseducation. In other words, Indiana has fallen victim to the antivaccination movement.

Thus my original plan of trying to get the money to directly fund vaccination really isn’t going to fly. Instead, what money we manage to raise is going to be donated 100% to the Indiana Immunization Coalition, who will use it to help fund new educational initiatives to try and counter the antivaccine nonsense that people are picking up just as a consequence of living in the world these days.

The IIC’s director seemed quite excited to have such an opportunity, as their funding is meager and nobody has ever offered to raise money for them before (which, I told her, is appropriate, because I’ve never raised money for anyone before). In order to best support the work of the IIC, we’re going to supply congoers with information about their mission and the amazing benefits of vaccination. We plan to trade our amateur magician and mentalism skills for donations. Our continual fundraising activity will be augmented by at least two presentations detailing the immunization demographics in Indiana, why the low rates are such a bad thing, and just what is so great about vaccination.

At this point, it’s in the hands of the Gen Con event organizers. I’ve sent them a proposal for the fundraiser, and I hope they see the extreme positive benefit we could have here and give us the thumbs-up.

I’m really excited about this! We really have a chance here to do lots of good for the children of Indiana!


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